Continuing the legacy.

In 1885, the Farwell brothers from Chicago founded the XIT Ranch of Texas. Texas traded the Farwell brothers 3 million acres in the panhandle in return for building the new Capitol Building in Austin.

Today, our family owned and operated ranch is only 170 miles from our family’s former ranchlands.

We believe it’s our collective responsibility to tend to the land, maintain its beauty, and ensure its health for future generations. We promise to do right by the land and the animals.

Our History

Founded in 1885, the original XIT Ranch spanned 3 million acres.

Ranching & Cattle

Our grass-fed Black Angus produces some of the highest quality beef on the market.


We care about where our food comes from, and we want to share it with everyone.” – Chef Abby Knowles

Dedicated to land stewardship and production of the highest quality cattle and ranch horses.

Once considered the largest cattle ranch in the world, the ranching and cattle business remains a vital component of XIT ranch operations. Today our Black Angus cattle are raised on 100% grass here on our family’s ranch in Southern Colorado right along the Cucharas River.

Flavored with XIT heritage.

These recipes deserve to be kept on the family table for generations to come. Chef Abby Knowles makes it her first priority to source ingredients from ranches and farms raising and growing with environmental ethics at the forefront. She believes that these ingredients are always the very best and need little alteration, only enhancement in the kitchen.

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