Land Stewardship

Core to our cattle program is our commitment to land stewardship. Our belief is that we must take care of our land so the land can provide for our livestock. Due to our land management practices and the Savory Institute’s Land to Market program, our rangelands are Ecological Outcome Verified (EOV).

High Quality Cattle

While our first herd may have been a wild bunch of Longhorns, today the XIT breeds and raises high quality Black Angus and American Wagyu cattle. Our commitment to a stringent genetic program yields consistent quality in our cattle with high body scores. Our cattle are both hormone and antibiotic free.

Cow/Calf & Custom Finishing Operations

The XIT has both cow/calf and custom finishing operations. Our custom finishing program for select restaurant group partners is either 100% grass-fed and grass-finished or grain finished on pasture.

Rotational grazing and in-herding with horses are paramount to the success of our cattle program. Low-stress stockmanship yields a safer environment for both our livestock and cowboys.

The ranch keeps with age-old traditions of roping calves and dragging to the fire for branding. This is an important way for the XIT to preserve our heritage and to pass it on to the next generation.

Our History

Founded in 1885, the original XIT Ranch spanned 3 million acres.

Ranching & Cattle

Our grass-fed Black Angus produces some of the highest quality beef on the market.


We care about where our food comes from, and we want to share it with everyone.” – Chef Abby Knowles

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