XIT ranch horses represent our western heritage.

At the XIT we believe ranch horses represent western heritage and the legacy passed down from the horsemen who pioneered our way of life.

Like those who came before us, we breed American Quarter horses that are hardy, conformationally correct, athletic, and have great dispositions.

Best of the best.

We believe that conformation is paramount in breeding ranch or performance horses. Correct conformation is the foundation for ability, longevity, and good movement.

We pursue the highest level of athletic ability. All XIT horses must be capable of performing all the work necessary on a working cattle ranch. Our performance horses, the best of the best, compete at the highest levels possible.

XIT horses are known for their willingness to work and the ease of training.  Our horses are good natured and steady under pressure. The kind of horse you can trust.

The pursuit of training and breeding horses that show excellence in all of these areas is not common or easy and it is a passion shared by the Knowles family and the XIT team. We will strive to improve genetics, practices, and education to ensure the preservation of our heritage is passed to the next generation of horsemen.

Our History

Founded in 1885, the original XIT Ranch spanned 3 million acres.

Ranching & Cattle

Our grass-fed Black Angus produces some of the highest quality beef on the market.


We care about where our food comes from, and we want to share it with everyone.” – Chef Abby Knowles

Fat Off Grass

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