XIT Brand

The famed XIT brand was first drawn in the dirt of the Texas Panhandle by Ab Blocker’s boot heel and the simple brand became the name of the Capitol Syndicate’s ranch.

The Texas brand book shows two brands registered to brothers John V. and Charles B. Farwell who ran cattle in the Panhandle.

The Original XIT Brand

The original XIT brand was on the right side of the cow along with a slash on each ear, which would could help a cowboy spot XIT cattle when mixed in with other rancher’s cattle at a big roundup.

Later, when XIT cowboys had tens of thousands of calves to brand every year, they switched to an even simpler and faster brand to stamp onto the cattle: the “Long X”. The Long X was located on the cattle’s right hip and ears were left unmarked.


Brands help with the identification and management of both cattle and horses on the XIT Ranch. Today on the ranch, the brand markings have been updated.

Cattle born on the ranch: XIT on the right side and year on the right shoulder.
Purchased cattle: Long X on the left shoulder, XIT on the right side

Horse Brands

Horses born on the ranch: XIT on the right hip, a division brand on the neck, and colts have a year brand on its jaw. The Texas division brand is a C to honor Mr. Clanton who ran the ranch’s remuda over 100 years ago. The Colorado division brand is two inverted spears.
Purchased horses:  XIT on the right hip

Our History

Founded in 1885, the original XIT Ranch spanned 3 million acres.

Ranching & Cattle

Our grass-fed Black Angus produces some of the highest quality beef on the market.


We care about where our food comes from, and we want to share it with everyone.” – Chef Abby Knowles

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